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ArgosVision Creates Ultra-wide 3D Depth Camera with Human FOV

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It is only a matter of time before companion robots effortlessly fulfill specific human needs. How will they do this? By using 3D depth cameras. A startup in Korea called ArgosVision has created an ultra-wide 3D depth camera called ArgosVue. It offers the widest range of views that is comparable to human levels. This will be crucial for the future of human-robot interaction and the autonomous driving of intelligent robots. 3D depth cameras are what allow robots to navigate, analyze, and monitor both their environment and the humans around them.

Why are 3D Depth Cameras the Future for Robots?
There are many limitations for robots that use LiDAR sensors. LiDAR stands for light detection and ranging. A laser is used for measuring the exact distance of an object. LiDAR has many advantages with its wide horizontal field of view. However, to get a wide vertical field of view, it needs extra solutions. This is why many use both LiDAR and 3D cameras. However, this can get very expensive ($2,000-$4,000).

3D depth cameras provide a greater detailed and reliable vision system which robots can then use to analyze with a high level of accuracy. These cameras are constantly improving and getting better at both detecting and analyzing distances. In addition, they can capture accurate images regardless of environmental conditions. However, the most important factor is that 3D cameras are more affordable compared to the current 2D camera + LiDAR combination.

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